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The Levana Seminar

On the weekend of September 28th, all Levanos gathered in an exceptional place. Perched at the top of a mountain, far from the world of consulting, projects, and everyday worries, the team shared unforgettable moments!

Levana's team spirit was strengthened with activities and challenges during this stay. During this weekend of rest, we laughed, ate well, and rested around the pool and spa.

Memories to take to work on Monday morning, and a genuine friendship that strengthened the bonds between Levanos.

Our adventure led us to fly through the trees during an afternoon dedicated to tree climbing. Some of us conquered their vertigo, and others discovered that a Tarzan lived inside them!

And in the morning dedicated to archery, everyone caught a bow and arrow, like a real Levana fighter.

Ce n’est pas simplement une expression lorsque l’on dit “It’s all about the people”. Nous nous assurons d’embaucher des personnes aux personnalités variées mais complémentaires, qui développent entre elles une confiance et une affinité véritables.

Levana is an environment for growth and adventure. Our Levanos are always ready to take up a challenge and give each other a hand.

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