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Cross-Cloud Accreditation

Levana, accredited Cross-Cloud Ambassador

Connectors are no longer a mystery to Levana 😎

We are proud to announce the Cross-Cloud accreditation of two of our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architects at Levana!
What is this accreditation?
Our 2 architects are now part of the 20 people accredited in Europe, representing 10% of the accreditations granted in this region. In fact, 200 consultants have registered for the Cross-Cloud Academy! It is therefore a great honor for our Cloud Marketing practice to be part of this rare population of experts in connected environments:

Cloud Service ↔ Cloud Marketing ↔ Cloud Commerce

This combination of Salesforce Cloud enables retailers to think about the customer journey in 360°, from e-commerce site to CRM and outbound marketing. No more need for a whole box of Dolipranes to launch an abandoned basket or a welcome course, the connectors between the different Clouds are there for that!
You have Service Cloud and are thinking of integrating Marketing Cloud? Our Cross-Cloud Architect experts are here to help you!

Do you have questions about the integration problems between your clouds?

  • Reconciliation of data
  • unique ID
  • Cross-Cloud path (e-commerce, Customer Service, Marketing)
  • Integration methodology
  • Multi-org
  • Synergies between Customer Service and Marketing automation

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